This Site Has Been Siezed By Homicide Owns this Shit

2024-03-19 23:56:43 Memek


If you are seeing this you probably figured out this sites sec is actually dogshit

The owners of this site dumb ash shit was made to get hacked angry



S.No Member Id Payment Id Name Father Mobile Payment Status Email Password Register Date Action
1 AMB32996 SELFAMB271141 1   1 selfPay   19-03-2024   



id Name Mobile Address Password Category State District Action
1 Ravi Singh 8077162007 Avas Vikas, BSR 123456 Business Uttar Pradesh Agra  
2 Praveen Kumar 9720646453 प्रवीन कुमार पुत्र श्री राम सिंह गाँव दोदलपुर पोस्ट चपरई जिला एटा Mob 7037346908 9720646453 P@12345678 Crime Uttar Pradesh Eata  
3 Bhanu Prakash 9548238266 B@12345678 Crime Uttar Pradesh Bulandshahr  
4 Saddam Khan 9917785855 Bareilly S@12345678 Crime Uttar Pradesh Bareilly  


admin creds: admin:admin

Rest In Piss:





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